Stijn Dries


As a carpenter
I believe in craft and the vernacular.

As an engineer
I believe in technology and the global.

As an architect
I believe in the power of ideas and stories we are told.


Before his career in architecture, Stijn worked as a carpenter for a decade and earned the title of engineer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He worked for several contractors, and had the opportunity to gain experience in renowned architectural offices in The Netherlands and abroad including RAU, and DOK architects.

Besides studying architecture at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, He was employed at LEVS as an architectural engineer, at Wijngaarde & Partners as an owners representative, and most recently as an architect at BETA office for architecture and the city.

This website features a selection of projects that displays the breadth of his personal work. It doesn't showcase the valuable experience he gained as an employee on large scale projects but if you're interested in what his employers say about him you can download their recommendations.

Through his architectural practice, Stijn works on a large variety of commissions. His work focusses on the integration of landscape, building, and interior. More recently Stijn started to produce uncommissioned works for problems that don't have a patron with adequate funds. To solve the urgent problems of his other clients he takes on partial commissions such as interior design, building management for other architects, and refurbishments for private clients.

To tackle larger commissions on an enduring basis Stijn co-founded Bouwmeesters. Bouwmeester is the Dutch translation for architect and the literal meaning is master builder. Together the Bouwmeesters have the knowledge and skills to guide their clients through the increasing complexities of a building process. On top of design, Bouwmeesters offers construction services for medium sized cultural and social initiatives. So far their cliënts include BOEi, Stiching samen wonen samen leven, Utrechts monumenten fonds, Crealisatie Coöperatie, Hendrick de Keyser, Vereniging Ons Suriname, and Frascati theater. Together the Bouwmeesters focus on heritage, adaptive reuse, and natural materials.

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