Cork extension

This extension and its clients allowed us to be truly innovative. The walls are built using wood, flax, and cork. These materials are joined mechanically and without the use of adhesives. Creating a structure that is not only load-bearing and insulating. The structure regulates moisture and maintains a stable interior climate that has the right humidity. All of these materials are a joy to touch and work with. If they ever become redundant they can be removed intact and reused without any kind of down-cycling. If no one wants them, they can be sorted and recycled into new products. If people have decided they don’t need any more products, the materials can be returned to nature and its processes.

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Cliënt: Private

Location: Huizen

Architecture: Stijn Dries

Contractor: Bouwmeesters Coöperatief

Team: Simme Bruinsma · Stijn Dries

Built area: 28m2

Project date: 2021

Project complete: 2021

Total budget: undisclosed

Photography: Stijn Dries · Simme Bruinsma

CC Stijn Dries