We are WILD - Wonen Inspireren Leven Delen, an international group of designers and builders with a shared mission: realising a vibrant coliving and coworking space in Amsterdam. A place where we can connect.

WILD wants to shake up the way we live and work in the city by creating a fair, affordable and sustainable dwelling for generations to come. We feel a strong responsibility to contribute positively to social, economic and environmental sustainability in the city that we call home. And, we have the capability to do so! We are professional makers with a go-getter attitude, who believe in the power of joining forces and creating synergy, and to actively shape our own living and working environment.

By building a housing cooperative, WILD aims to achieve an alternative quality of living that can’t be offered by the market. We want to invest in our future selves by investing in a community. WILD prioritises sociability, meaningful relationships and shared experiences over private ownership. Our cure against individualism is to connect.


These are the three pillars of the WILD way of living:

1. Connection to ourselves - community life: WILD aims to build a home where we can flourish physically, emotionally, mentally and professionally. A home in a community that provides support, stimulates new plans and adapts to changing life needs. A personal safe haven where social interaction is within reach.

2. Connection to each other - city life: WILD aims to create opportunity for cultural and professional exchange in the neighbourhood. A place that generates social links and cross-pollination between people, causing innovation, inspiration and joy. WILD will be a valuable addition to the social structure of a neighbourhood.

3. Connection to our surroundings - sustainable life: WILD aims to build, maintain and live circular in the broadest sense of the word, closing circuits of materials, waste, water and energy. We want to create a flexible building of biobased materials, where we reduce, reuse, recycle and share, and live consciously, with care for local biodiversity.


The love for architecture, art, design and nature brought us together and is what we aim to continue celebrating. Over the last decade we have built a strong friendship - our way to connect is by making together. We hope to inspire others with our enthusiasm and creativity and welcome likeminded people in our growing community.



Cliënt: Self initiated

Location: Amsterdam

Architecture: Stijn Dries

Collaborators: Ana Caos, Ana Asensio, Natalia Vargas, Simme Bruinsma, Pim Boomgaard, Julie Le Baud, Jana van Hummel

Structural engineer: -

Engineering: -

Built area: - m²

Project date: Ongoing

Project complete: -

Projected cost: -

Images: Stijn Dries

Why & How?
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