De Hoop

Designing for connection became the explicit and primary goal in the architecture of this adaptive reuse commission. De Hoop is a large scale experiment in community building. To facilitate this Stijn desigend a building method, a spatial plan and a process. The facade openings are left to the tenants. This allows them to show themselves and their identity. At the same time the act of building connects them to the place and the community.

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Cliënt: Crealisatie Coöperatie

Location: Zaandam

Architecture: Stijn Dries

Architecture callaborator: Daniela Francisca

Structural engineer: IMd raadgevend ingenieurs

Architectural engineer: Stijn Dries

Built area: 17.427 m²

Project date: 2016

Project complete: 2020

Total budget: €150m²

Photography: Stijn Dries, Sjoerd Ruarus

Film: Bouw Woon Leef

CC Stijn Dries