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Stijn co-founded Bouwmeesters to serve you better. Over the past two years Bouwmeesters has been so busy serving their clients that they haven't managed to bring you a dedicated website. It will be online on january 1st 2024. Untill then, here's is a preview of their discovery & collaborative design process. The process empowers builders, developers, & aspiring homeowners to create innovative spaces that enhance well-being & joy.


1 · Analyse

The first step is a small but important. We get to know eachother and we build a team around us.

Results in a feasability report and/or project outline.


2 · Design

The second phase is where the magic happens and key decisions are made. We create a spatial concept that addressed the core problems and contains the essence of the solution. After due deliberation we bring your vision to life in a virtual model.

Results in a design that caters to your needs.


3 · Permits

In the third phase we help you navigate the jungle of laws and legislation. In many cases we also need to convince the beauty committee and the department of monuments.

Results in a formal permit application.


4 · Technical elaboration

The quality of the project is determined in the fourth phase of the project. The beauty of your project is defined by how well the project is detailled. To ensure clarity and smooth communications with your contractor we create a set of technical drawings and a tecnhical description of the work that needs to be done.

Results in project documentation that can be priced by a contractor.


5 · Construction

Throughout the construction of you project we can communicate with your contractors and subs to assure the quality of the project. This phase is especially crucial for restauration and adaptive reuse project. We will work with you contractor to turn any problem that arrizes into an opportunity to improve your building.

Results in the space you need.


Owners representation & Project management

Stijn's experience as an owners representative has lead him to integrade this service into how Bouwmeesters operates. If you trust Bouwmeesters to manage your project they will ensure that the costs for all the advisors involved in the process are not additional. Bouwmeesters will include them in their fee at no extra charge because they believe in their ability to create a better process, if you commission Bouwmeesters for every phase at once.

Results in a smooth process & reduces overall cost.


Not sure if you need Bouwmeesters?

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· Together we offer our clients certainty, and a single point of contact for the entire process ·


CC Stijn Dries