A selection of projects I've worked on, organizations I've worked for, and people I've worked with.

Cooperativa Esperança

Cooperativa Esperança is made up of 70 low-income families who developed and build their own houses in partnership with Fundação Bento Rubião and the União por Moradia Popular do Rio de Janeiro. The project was recognized as one of the Best Practices in Local Management in the 9th edition of the award granted by Caixa Econômica Federal. It was one of the projects I worked on during my tenure at Fundação Bento Rubião in 2009/2010.
The entire project took about 18 years so my contribution was marginal. It is nevertheless one of the projects and organisations that I was most proud to work with.

Fundação Bento Rubião

Karel de Grote hogeschool

This campus in Antwerp was one of the projects I worked on for RAU. Interning at this office for architecture taught me about tenacity, vision, and repetion (of this vision). It's owner and founder Thomas Rau preaches sustainabilty consistently and managed to build several businesess around his quest for cicularity.


At LEVS I worked on many projects and every conceivable phase of the process. Most of the projects where large scale, repetative housing and doing most of the work in BIM made me a lean mean drafting machine.



After gaining experience in large offices I was ready for a start-up environment. Working days, as well as many nights at BETA as an architect tought me about the challenger of starting an office. As the office gained traction I found the courage to venture out for myself and founded Bouwmeesters.

BETA office for architecture and the city

CC Stijn Dries